Activity Report 2020

Activity Report 2020

We would like to thank you for your continued guidance and support.

In a year that will start with the Corona calamity . . . and in which the calamity may come to an end . . . we would like to offer you our sincerest wishes for your health and prosperity.

A year has flown by since we had our “Tasty Onigiri Party” and we truly hope to see you again at the end of this year. Under the current circumstances it may be best to limit our contact to simply saying hello, yet we would still like to offer our seasons greetings to as many of you as possible; to that end we have prepared a couple small gifts for each of you.

One is the book “The Ideals of the East", written over 110 years ago by the famous late 19th Century/early 20th Century Japanese scholar Kakuzo Okakura (aka Tenshin Okakura). With great respect to his spirit and “love for the Ultimate and Universal, which is the common thought-inheritance of every Asiatic race”, I offer it for your perusal as his vision applies to our current situation.

I think we should have sent you reports on ECF’s activities for the year but it has been difficult finding an opportunity to do so; thus, in lieu of a written report, please use the URL below.

Here are two videos.

A long, long cafe talk of 1 hour and 22 minutes inspired by Tenshin Okakuraʼs "Ideals of the East

Activity Status News Eastern Culture Region and Japan 2050 End-of-the-Year Talk Video

2021 will be a more fulfilling year, with support for regional revitalization in Atami and Toride, and the expansion of the White Canvas Project (which started in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia) into more Eastern countries. We look forward to our continued correspondence in 2021. Thank you.

December, 2020
Eastern Culture Foundation