Recommendations of the Eastern Culture Foundation

Art and the arts enrich our lives, add value to manufacturing, and create new sources of a strong economy.

The culture which we think of as “Eastern Culture” is not one in which expressions like “there is only one God” are commonly used in daily life; rather, we often refer to “the gods”. Furthermore, I think that we are a culture and cultural region that understands the essential feelings of the Buddha.

We also hope that the "1% for art" in Japan (1% of public works spending used for art and the arts) advocated by many senior executives and people involved in the art world will become national policy. We strongly support the 1% and hope to make it a reality. Looking at the evolution and presence of art in American history after the New Deal programs were implemented in the 1930s, we believe that it will never be a waste of money. On the other hand, we believe that that the “1% for art" cannot realistically be achieved only by raising our voices; a careful step-by-step review of specific customs and systems is also necessary. We intend to do everything we can in our role as one of the “voices” and, as one of those actions, have made concrete proposals to individuals in the world of politics to see that the goals come to fruition.

When a disaster or unexpected situation occurs, people first focus their efforts on rebuilding concrete necessities; they invest in public works and private enterprises and cover private costs under the theme of "reconstruction." However, subsequently, a situation can arise in which there is no social support, only individual efforts focused on the reconstruction of the inner self.

  1. Concrete reconstruction
    (food, housing, and daily necessities that meet the minimum requirements for subsistence)
  2. Reconstruction of the inner self
    art and the arts breathe emotion and energy back into the individual spirit
  3. Recovery of the spirit; a balance between reason and the heart leads to order and harmony
    revitalization of a group management system built on kindness and mutual respect is required
  4. Reconstruction of reason seeds the ground upon which peace grows
    technology, work, and science become art; everything connect to the arts

Thus, I feel that with the start of a new year in 2021 we are entering an era that will be rich not only in material things but one in which everything — functional richness, design, art, the arts — is interconnected with the inner self: an era of “richness of the spirit”.
To that end, I think that 1% of the national investment and reconstruction budget should be used for art and the arts. Mainly, let’s focus on (3) “promoting regional revitalization" through projects of the Eastern Culture Foundation; and, as part of (6), “cultivating cultural enterprise in the East” through the realization of a city where one can feel a unique culture: an atmosphere in which the individual spirit can thrive through experiment and experience.