The Eastern Culture Foundation Establishes "United States of Eastern Culture", a Republic with a Population of over 2 Billion

Our Foundation is Participating in “April 1st is Dream Day”. This “April Dream” is a press release from the Eastern Culture Foundation.

The Eastern Culture Foundation (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yoshihisa Nakano), established in order to further the development of culture and art in the Eastern Cultural area, holds international conferences and supports various cultural projects in the Eastern Cultural region.
The power of art and the Arts is prodigious: it enriches our lives, adds value to the world around us and creates a stronger foundation upon which a new economy can be built. Rather than subscribing to the religious belief that “there is no god but God”, our foundation often uses the word "gods" to define "eastern culture"; our culture understands the essence of things that Gautama Buddha felt and believe it to be a defining cultural characteristic of our region.

Throughout the history of mankind our species has been threatened by various disasters and we have always reemerged stronger. We here at ECF feel that in 2021 we have entered a new era, an era of “richness of the spirit” — one which does not prioritize only material wealth and functionality but one in which design, art, and the Arts pervade the heart, the mind, the body, and the material world around us. With the release of his book “Why Not Throw It All Away?” on April 17, 2020, the Representative Director of our Foundation, Nakano, discusses how to achieve freedom of the mind and spirit by freeing oneself from selfishness. The book has been published in 36 countries and is scheduled for its 99th reprint; it has received tremendous support from readers all around the world.

United State of Eastern Culture

On April 1, 2021 representatives of 16 countries located in the Eastern cultural region who share this vision gathered at an inaugural international signing ceremony and the kingdom "United States of Eastern Culture (USEC)" was established with the aim of strengthening international cooperation in culture.

By 2050, the USEC — with a population of over 2 billion — will have a share of more than 30% of the world's GDP and will have a tremendous influence on the world along with the United States, China and Europe.

From today, the foundation is moving its base to USEC's capital city, Nakachan. It will be a utopian oasis for people deeply injured by the new virus. In it we will strive to create an ideal culture that respects diversity and cultivates seeds of calm and creativity; the seeds will blossom into a bountiful world with a heart at peace.

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