New Hotel Akao Begins Sales of Condominium Villa “AZUMAYA” Valued at 9.9 Billion Yen In order to attract new residents to Atami, accommodation at the resort is being offered for ¥999 per night.

Our Foundation is Participating in “April 1st is Dream Day”. This “April Dream” is a press release from New Hotel Akao.

Hotel New Akao, Inc. (Headquarters: Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture; CEO: Nobunaga Akao), will begin construction and sales of a 5-Star villa “AZUMAYA” (architectural design and supervision of construction by Kengo Kuma) within the “Akao Herb & Rose Garden", on April 1, 2021 (Thursday). Ten units in total; 999 square meters per unit; priced at 9.9 billion yen per unit.

United State of Eastern Culture

Akao Herb & Rose Garden — famous among Atami locals as a place for relaxation and garden parties and the venue chosen for the USEC summit meeting — is a garden which boasts an area of about 700,000 square meters and 600 varieties of 4000 roses blooming on the hills overlooking the ocean. For 10 consecutive years the garden has won the highest award at the world’s most famous gardening show, “THE GARDEN of EDEN", and last year had the fortune of being entered into the Botanical Hall of Fame. And now the condominium villa "AZUMAYA" is to be conceived here under the supervision of the world-renowned architect Mr. Kengo Kuma. The area is comprised of 3300 square meters and the glass-enclosed living space offers a spectacular view of Atami; furthermore, the view from the bedroom is equally aesthetic as it overlooks the world famous rose garden. Each unit includes an exclusive chef, concierge, opera singer, doctor, hairdresser, electrician, at-home tutor, gardener, and masseuse/beauty esthetician; additionally, a security officer who was once a Secret Service agent in charge of guarding the US president will be on guard full-time to ensure a safe, secure, and ideal living environment. Additionally, successive Miss Atamis from 2010 to 2020 (5 of whom have since come to be called “Mrs.”) have been selected to act as Atami City tour guides and are available to show new residents around the city when they fancy doing so. As for commuting, highly exclusive local and international transportation will also be provided: for getting around the city, one domestic EV supercar (with a former F1 driver as your chauffeur); for overseas travel, one hydrogen-fueled private jet (with your own personal pilot); and for fishing trips, a cruise ship (with a professional fisherman) to catch “kinmeidai” (a kind of sea bream) — a local delicacy of Atami. Furthermore, if you would like to simply go for a stroll around the Rose Garden, the champion thoroughbred "MUSASHI” (with jockey) is available to accompany you.

United State of Eastern Culture

Atami is famous for its hospitality and local merchants and public officials offer every convenience and take every measure to make tourists feel welcome and comfortable; it garners the highest satisfaction ratings from both domestic and foreign tourists and from both long-term and new residents. It is attracting attention from all over the world as "the city in which you most want to live". Although the trial offer of ¥999 yen (1 night, 2 people) is for a limited time, the aim of the villa is for eternal happiness; thus, the number "9" (a “lucky” number and a traditional symbol of eternality in Eastern culture) was chosen as the price. Please consider this opportunity to experience a fulfilling life in Atami. Reservations and inquiries can be made via the email address below.

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