"WHITE CANVAS JAPAN 2021," a Project Supported by our Foundation, was Featured in the Fukui Newspaper.

"WHITE CANVAS JAPAN 2021", a project supported by our foundation, was featured in the Fukui Newspaper.
A new project for the discovery of young talents (Fukui Newspaper): children’s works lying dormant at home are matched with collectors around the world; young talents choose their own prices for their artworks and sell them online.

The aim of the project is to shine a spotlight on children's artworks which, in spite of their merit, are often left lying around at home unnoticed by the art world. The artists set the price between 5,000 yen and 30,000 yen, and if sold, they receive about 60% of the sales; the rest is used to cover management fees and to support local artists and to promote similar projects in Southeast Asia. For more information, please visit the official website or Instagram account. For inquiries, please email Mr./Ms. Uno at

「WHITE CANVAS JAPAN 2021」Official Site

「WHITE CANVAS JAPAN 2021」Official Instagram Account