The Representative Director of our Foundation, Yoshihisa Nakano, has Released his Book "Let's Start from Loneliness" (Diamond Publishing) Today.

The Representative Director of our foundation, Yoshihisa Nakano, has released his book “Let’s Start from Loneliness” (Diamond Publishing) today (November 16).

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The following is a comment from Nakano:

It’s been a long while. I hope everyone is doing well.
Following last year's first volume, "Why Not Throw It All Away?” we will start publishing and selling the second volume, "Let's Start from Loneliness," on November 16, 2021 (which, incidentally, happens to be my birthday). As always I’ve tried to be as open and honest as possible in describing my recent feelings. I hope you will enjoy reading it and I hope you will forgive the frankness of my writing.
We’re already halfway through November and the holiday season is swiftly approaching. It's been another turbulent year with COVID and the State of Emergency, but I think most of us (including myself) have managed to have a good year in spite of it all. Considering the current state of the world it is difficult to stay in close contact with everyone during the holiday season; thus, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays.
In the coming year we will continue to do our best to make further progress. Thank you for your continued support and guidance. I wish all of you a healthy and prosperous 2022.

We hope you will read it if/when you have the time and let us know what you think through your social networking sites, blogs, and book review sites.

All the royalties from the book will be sent to the non-profit sister organizations supported by Nakano: Baan Rom Sai and Cottage Resort Hoshihana Village. Baan Rom Sai is an orphanage established in Chiangmai, Thailand in 1999 for children infected with HIV in the womb; Cottage Resort Hoshihana Village is a resort also located in Chiangmai that helps children from Baan Rom Sai after they have turned 18 to become independent. The full amount of the donation will be sent to the non-profit organization Baan Rom Sai Japan which manages donations from Japan to Cottage Resort Hoshihana Village.

United State of Eastern Culture
United State of Eastern Culture

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