The arts—beautiful, powerful, meaningful.
In Asia, the arts have long thrived—
the traditional, the avant garde, and everything between.
ECF supports the arts in Asia, in many forms—
awards, preservation, conferences, and more.

The Eastern Culture Foundation is taking bold strides in the arts. From our home base in Tokyo, we cooperate with business and arts leaders to support young artists and art events.
We are working to ensure a borderless, peaceful culture in the East.

ECF has six main missions:

  • 1) cultural/arts conferences,
  • 2) awards for lesser-known artists,
  • 3) area revitalization,
  • 4) art conservation,
  • 5) support for young artists,
  • 6) cultural enterprise in the East.

ECF began with inspiration from the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award. Yoshihisa Nakano, former president of Warehouse TERRADA, formed the Montblanc-Terrada Foundation using the funds awarded by Montblanc. And now it has evolved into the ECF—dedicated to supporting the arts across the East.


Kengo Kuma / architect
Hiroshi Onishi / Haneda Future Research Institute Incorporated
Wang Yu Fung / Guangzhao Greater China Co., Ltd.
Kazutoshi Hirano / UAP Tax Firm
Yoshihisa Nakano (Representative Director)
Takayuki Sakakida / Kyoto Shinkin Bank
Naohiko Kishi / Art Tokyo Association
Tony Liu / M&C SAATCHI aeiou
Takeshi Ninoyu / ex-member of the House of Councillors



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